Title: Waste Zero
Lead: Ossai Nwachukwu
Name of Team Members:
1. Ossai Nwachukwu
2. Oyinlola Ibukun
Sub-Theme: Innovative Technology Solutions for Urban Resilience
SDG Goals: Clean Water and Sanitation
Competition Category: Innovative Product/Prototype
Product: Online App
WasteZero helps households and just about anyone request for waste collection from anywhere (in Ibadan, our test case).Our product enables real time sharing of location to make request for waste collection. It also gave intelligent routing to the waste collectors on how they can navigate between houses in towns/estates when multiple requests have been made. WasteZero would also estimate the weight of the waste that was to be collected, and support payments.These functionalities generated data that can give insights; like the coverage of waste collection within the city; the nature and amount of waste been generated; etc.Usage of the app can orient the populace about waste management. And how waste can be categorised for recycling etc.The problem our app is trying to solve is the many issues surrounding sanitation and achieving clean cities, and Ibadan being Ibadan (large & dense population, largest city in Africa, nature of its citizens) is very much in need of such a solution.
Uniqueness: It wasn’t a mobile app that needed installation, but an easy accessibly web app.Language translation to Yoruba, and reading it out loud for easy accessibility so natives could easily use our solution.

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