Transrisk Innovation (Using Artificial Intelligence and GIS To Predict Car Crash)

Title: Transrisk Innovation – Using Artificial Intelligence and GIS To Predict Car Crash

Lead: Ogunniran, Oluwasijibomi

Name of Team Members:
1. Ogunniran Siji
2. Faith Oluwole
3. Odetola Taiwo
4. Esivue Daniel

Sub-Theme: Urban Resilience Design Industry

SDG Goals: Innovation and Infrastructure

Competition Category: Innovative Product/Prototype

Product: Prototype

The Trans-Risk Innovation Product is a Web/App based system that will be able to use Artificial Intelligence and GIS to detect car crash risk per time, It will also be able to give proper recommendation to the commuters against accident risk. How it works Map View:This is for mapping out segments on interstate highways, inner roads and expressways that are prone to car crash per hour. Location:This is for showing the location of the nearest emergency centers should in case an accident happens. Road Features: This is for showing areas of the road predicted for flooding and details of the road such as speed limit, road warnings e.t.c It will solve Inadequacy of basic analysis or intelligent systems that will be able to give information to commuters on road traffic related issues in Nigeria. Difficulty of getting the location of the nearest emergency centers Difficulty of proper planning of safe route, signage systems and emergency vehicle allocation systems for risky areas. Car Crashes are predicted to be the 3rd Leading Cause of Death, it would not be far fetched to say this product needs to be considered with the highest priority.
Through my research, Most Countries don’t have sufficient intelligence systems to even analyze most of these data. This product will be all-encompassing, It will analyze, do predictions and give proper recommendations against this menace.
With this enabling environment we can work together and tackle issues confronting our society innovatively….



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