About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered and without water, great majority of higher plants and most mammals can’t survive. The percentage of fresh water on earth is about 3%. This 3% includes drinking water, water for agriculture, and water for domestic purposes. GreenFacts.org also states that there is pressure on water resources. General consumption by humans of water is a major reason for the pressure on water resources.
One fact concerning SDG 12 that also entails consumption of electric energy was obtained from the website of United Nations Development Programme and is given below;
“If people everywhere switched to energy efficient light bulbs, the world would save US$120 billion annually.”
If so much amount of money can be saved due to the usage of energy efficient light bulbs which have low power ratings, how much more would be saved due to the responsible usage of water pumping machines which have higher power ratings? Moreover, from the facts stated above, it’s obvious that we don’t have the luxury of fresh water to be wasted and it’s also obvious that the limited fresh water should be consumed economically.
Our solution aims to provide a pocket friendly hardware that is available for all and sundry which will go a long way in reducing the wastage of water from water tanks alongside electric energy in homes. This solution is in line with the concern of SDG 12 which is also targeted at ensuring responsible consumption of which water and electricity are not left out as identified on the website of United Nations Development Programme.

The smartpump device is made up of two basic modules and the optional PumpRemote.
1. The first, the LevelSense module, measures the level of water in the water tank and transmits the data over a radio frequency signal. it is attached to the cover of the tank.
2. The second module, the LevelMonitor module receives the radio frequency data from LevelSense, interpretes the data and displays the water level using a vertical array of red, yellow and green LEDs (red signifying low, yellow- half full, and green full).
-LevelMonitor also features an indicator and alarm that alert the user when the water level is either very low or full.
-But the most interesting feature and core functionality of the LevelMonitor, that enables it to prevent water wastage and save electricity, is its ability to automatically SWITCH ON (at low water level) AND OFF (when tank is full) the pumping machine. It will be in close proximity and connected to the pump control box.
-It features a quality battery that enables it to always display the water level even when there is power failure- a necessary feature in Nigeria and Africa.
The optional modules extend the functionality of the Smartpump.
– The PumpControl is a simple remote control for switching off or on the pump remotely. This increases ease of use.

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