Smart Citi: A web-based application for automated flood-risk assessment and waste management.

Title: Smart Citi: A Web-Based Application for Automated Flood-Risk Assessment and Waste Management.
Lead: Osalor Wonderful Eva
Team Members: 1. Osalor Wonderful Eva 2. Sanusi Waris 3. Ajulo Samuel
Department: Computer Science
Sub-Theme: Risk Informed Decision Making
SDG Goals: Sustainable Cities and Communities
Competition Category: Innovative Product/Prototype
Product: Online App

The aim of this project is to provide a two-way gate towards creating a smart City, arrest the waste, predict the flood; via AI model embedded in a web application with the ability to give predictions of flood occurrence in particular areas and serve as a functional and relatable interface to prevent flooding by creating waste management avenues and processes that will involve citizens taking responsibility of their environment and serving a watch-guard to prevent flooding through risk informed decision making.
Uniqueness: Our product has the unique ability to conduct an automated assessment for flood risk areas while using the principle of citizen science to arrest issues around waste( indiscriminate dumping and open burning) through community involvement and voluntary service.