Research on Coconut Husk/Coir/Peat/Fiber

Title: Research on Coconut Husk/Coir/Peat/Fiber

Lead: Mohammed Usman Olalekanu

Sub-Theme: Innovative Technology Solutions for Urban Resilience
SDG Goals: Sustainable Cities and Communities
Competition Category: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure Solution/Research/Policy

Product: Research

The product is about the usefulness of coconut husk/coir. It’s the best for planting as it has many advantages over using soil for planting. It helps in solving problems about using soil for planting as it can be replaced with soil, good for planting, prevention of weeds, no soil erosion, absorption of water, porosity, reused for like 10 years, light in weight, less cost to start up hence economically feasible etc.


The Uniqueness is that, it’s very easier to plant with compare to soil, light in weight, reused for many years, no control of weed, soil conservation etc

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