Despite the usefulness of Geographic Information Systems in solving various earth problems, it has not been fully explored in the areas of health most especially in Africa. At Health Afrique, we combine artificial intelligence, the emerging technology of the fourth industrial revolution with the Technology of where (GIS), to bring up health solutions that aids improved and timely decisions to health related problems. We stand as middlemen, connecting the health sector to the decision makers.
We recently carried out a pilot study at the University of Ibadan during the 2017/2018 session where we deployed survey123, a smart web application to collect data from students residing in various halls of residence in the University. This web application requested personal health records such as number of times an individual visited JAJA (The School Clinic), the main reason for visiting and other personal information. Survey123 was integrated with Integromat, an email automation third party integration software to notify our contributors the safety and confidentiality of information provided and also appreciate their contribution to our research. The main purpose of this pilot study is to analyze the data, check out for trends and make predictive analysis on the prevalence of Malaria and Typhoid amongst students in halls of residence for the coming years, based on various factors using our own written machine learning algorithm (a linear regression model) by our Artificial intelligence team. Our Artificial Intelligent model been trained with over a dataset size of over 500 collected during our pilot study and have achieved over 90% accuracy during its test phase. Health Afrique is currently working on integrating our model into a user friendly mobile application that can be used by decision makers to have a proactive method of dealing with situations that are predicted to happening in future.
In Conclusion, we are looking into the ArcGIS spatial regression tools that will help better predict hotspots or other locations depending on the problem to be solved.

Model showing the prevalence of malaria in various locations within the University

Mobile App interface showing an intelligent user experience

About HealthAfrique
Health Afrique is an emerging startup started by 3 students of the University of Ibadan with the aim of leveraging Artificial Intelligence and the technology of where (GIS), to solve earths health problems because we believe that a Healthy Habitant will make a Healthy Earth.

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