A Power point presentation submitted by the team (Green revolution) on the application of Geographical information systems (GIS)
Prospect :Climate action (SDG 13)

Submitted by;
Adisa Jamiu Adekunle
A 500l student of agronomy department, University of Ibadan, Ibadan.


Green revolution: this is an initiative, that aimed at curbing the adverse effect of the climatic change in relation to the sustainable development goal 13.
The check point is to make use of GIS technology to re- engineer the spatial arrangement in land scaping management.


According to wikipedia.com, air pollution is the presence of chemical, biological , particulate matter and pollutants in the atmosphere and in the living spaces.
Types of air pollution
Ambient air pollution ( out door pollution)

Household air pollution (indoor pollution).


Fossil fuel combustion

Emission of green house gases e.g. methane, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, fluorinated gases etc.
Indiscriminate deforestation
Note : All the above factors leads to depletion of the ozone layers .


* According to world health organization,
Nine out of ten people now breathe polluted air, which kills 7million people every year.

*More than 90% of children breathe toxic air
Household air pollution kills 4million people every year with the highest rate in Africa and Asia.

* On September 1, 2018. by 9:30am, vanguardngr.com reported that, Nigeria ranks 4th deadliest globally on air pollution and makes it worst in Africa . ( 150 deaths per 100,000 people).
Other problems associated with air pollution are: lung cancer, stroke and hearth disease.


(Green revolution ) ;
Planting of specific trees/plants at every households, companies and needed roads with the integration of GIS for determination of suitable places for planting.

determination of structures e.g. road, well, in household and public places with the use and execution of arc GIS.

Collection of organic and inorganic waste materials from either government , academic institutions or non- governmental organization from individuals in exchange for cash to generate power. (waste exchange)

integrated solution;
A forestation
Clean energy usage

Solid waste management
practicing eco – friendly farming e.g. Improvement of rice paddy production.
Avoid indiscriminate bush or any burning.


According to the united Nations sustainable development goals, air pollution is a global issue that requires a quick and immediate action to curb/ control/ reduce the prevalence of global warming in the environment.
Sequel to this, I hereby recommends the above possible solutions using a concentrated GIS to re- engineer the environment in other to reinstate/ reinstall our visioned ” Green environment”.

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