FOOTGEN: Device That Converts Human Kinetic Energy To Electricity

Title: FOOTGEN: Device That Converts Human Kinetic Energy to Electricity
Lead: Adegbenro Benjamin
Department: Industrial and Production Engineering
Sub-Theme: Innovative Technology Solutions for Urban Resilience
SDG Goals: Affordable and Clean Energy
Competition Category: Innovative Product/Prototype
Product: Product
My product is FOOTGEN, a device designed to harvest human kinetic energy resulting from walking, and converting it to electricity. It achieves this simply by absorbing vertical motion and translating it to rotary motion in an electric power component (generator) which result to delivering electric current. The product can generate current which is needed to power LED bulbs and charge light appliances like phones. It meets the fundamental power/electricity needs for small and medium businesses to run and keep their businesses afloat. FOOTGEN is a small flat device which can be placed on the floor or fixed in between floor slabs positioned where people can easily work on and generate energy This is capable of generating clean energy basically obtained from people walking.

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