Apart from being the largest metropolitan geographical area in West Africa, Ibadan is the third largest metropolitan area in Nigeria, housing about 45 percent of Oyo State’s population. Interestingly, the population keeps growing every day but as nature would have it, the landmass does not follow suit. In this wise, buildings are found in all nooks and crannies of Ibadan, just to accommodate the teaming population, even when such environments are not suitable for constructions.

Over the years, there has been an increase in the rate of flooding in Ibadan, especially, Ibadan North and some other critical areas. There are existing rules prohibiting people from building close to rivers (because every river has its flood circle) but such rules have been ignored by the citizens resulting in massive loss of lives and properties when rivers reach their full extents. An instance is the 26th August, 2011 flood incident. This is because if law does not catch up with defaulters, nature definitely would.
Although several measures have been put in place by the Oyo State Government to reduce flood events, for instance, the Ibadan Urban Flood Management Project (IUFMP), there are more to be done to drastically reduce flood incidents.
This work is centered on Ibadan North Local Government Area and it suggests that all land areas surrounding any river (within its flood circle) should be declared government properties.

The watershed (extent to which a river flows) of each river in Ibadan North is derived from the elevation data called DEM (Digital Elevation Model- gotten from the USGS with 30m resolution) of Ibadan North Local Government Area. Hydrological analysis is being performed on the elevation data with the use of ARCGIS 10.3 Desktop to generate the watershed which would be uploaded on ArcGIS Online web platform. An application will then be created and published which will help users identify if their location is within the watershed and by what distance.

GIS is a potent tool for solving simple and complex environmental problems. Peradventure land areas around rivers are ceased by the government as stated above, flood events can be prevented. Such land areas can now be put into any other valuable use (such as horticulture) by the government or other approved individuals.

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